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Introducing the fifth book in our series of  Cozy Mystery Collections. Happy Homicides continues to bring you bargain-priced collections of work by nationally bestselling and award-winning authors.


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HAPPY HOMICIDES 5: The Purr-fect Crime

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Story Summaries and List of Authors for Happy Homicides 5: The Purr-fect Crime. See why we think it’s our best collection of short stories and novellas (short books) yet!



Joanna Campbell Slan – The Catnip Caper: A Cara Mia Delgatto MysteryA friendship is fractured when two women disagree about the fate of a fertile feline.


Linda Gordon Hengerer--Dying for Sweet Tea: A Beach Tea Shop Mystery A feline amateur sleuth solves a knotty crime that’s paw-sitively artful.


Loulou Harrington – Deadly Purr-suasion: A Little Bit of Magic MysteryRhee Abbott has enough to do in her new job as manager of a bed and breakfast, but solving a murder and chasing phantom cats are quickly added to the list.


Neil Plakcy—Riding the Tiger: A Golden Retriever Mystery When a hacker disappears, leaving behind his beloved pet, an inquisitive golden and his owner can’t help but sniff out clues.


Teresa Trent—Double-Tap: A Pecan Bayou MysteryA dance recital is no place for people to pussyfoot around, especially when there’s a murderer on the loose.


Terry Ambrose—The Runaway Persian: A Seaside Cove Bed and Breakfast Mystery Ten-year-old Alex climbs a tree to rescue a Persian kitty, but will she get to keep it?


Amy Vansant--Johnny Walker Cat: A Pineapple Port Mini Mystery Charlotte Morgan does her best to return a one-eyed, two-legged cat to his owner, who has disappeared.


Randy Rawls-- Mew-Mew’s Catnapping: Jonathan Boykin’s Fourth Conundrum The lure of a new set of golf clubs is enough to get Jonathan on the case when a cat is taken for ransom.


Christina Freeburn—The Peculiar Habit of Mister Darcy -- A cat therapist is called in to help a new owner and her kitty bond. What’s making the kitty so cranky?


Wendy Sand Eckel—The Naming of Cats: A Rosalie Hart Mystery A Maine Coon cat digs up all sorts of trouble for café owner Rosalie Hart.


Karen Cantwell—The Wizard of Paws: A Barbara Marr Mystery Short –When her cat is sick, but her vet is dead, and suburban mom Barbara Marr finds herself reluctantly involved in a murder investigation.



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